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Switch your accounts to Peoples Bank

We've taken the pain out of switching banks, in fact we're committed to making it as easy as possible to bank with us.

Start Here

Download our easy-to-use switch kit to change any direct deposits, automatic withdrawals and/or automatic payments linked to your old account or debit card.

Download Switch Kit (546KB PDF)

What You'll Need

  • Previous financial institution information including address and account number
  • New Peoples Bank account information
  • Identification such as a driver's license or passport
  • Contact information for direct deposits such as your employer's payroll department or the company handling your retirement or pension payments
  • Contact information for automatic payments/withdrawals such as your mortgage or insurance company

New Account Conversion Checklist

  • Stop using your old account and let all outstanding checks clear, be sure to leave enough funds to cover any automatic payments that may yet need to be withdrawn
  • Turn in your unused checks and deposit slips and we will destroy them for you
  • Destroy ATM/Debit cards
  • Use your free Peoples Bank Online Banking and BillPay service to set up new automatic payments

Important Information

Some companies require the use of their own forms to initiate the switch. In order to help facilitate this change from your previous account to your new Peoples Bank account, we may ask you to provide a previous bank statement and any forms supplied to you by your employer or other party who originates a deposit or charge to your account.