Online Banking Refresh

Online Banking Refresh Coming October 24, 2021

Online Banking is getting a fresh new look

Online banking overview page preview
We have exciting news! On October 24th, we will be upgrading the look and feel of Online Banking. What do the changes mean to you?
  • New landing page called OVERVIEW
  • Personalization options with widgets
  • New features providing faster access to current information

Two things to know before the new experience launches:

  • No changes to your enrollment or access to online banking
  • Nothing for you to do — the new look and feel and features will appear for everyone

We are adding to the list of features you currently have with tools to make accessing current data easier as well as personalizing your Online Banking experience. Here are some of the new features coming your way:

Widgets & Personalization

Want to personalize your landing page experience within Online Banking? Now you can manage our new widgets to display the information most important to you.


Looking to see if a specific transaction recently cleared? Use the new QuickView drawer on the Overview landing page without leaving the page. QuickView displays additional actions and information you can initiate directly from the Overview page. QuickView appears for both your Peoples Bank accounts and your Outside Accounts as well.

Account Groups

Want to create unique groups of your accounts specific to your business – now you can! Does your business have accounts specific to different areas of your business or different geographic areas? Now you can create groups for each of these and see just the related accounts – and with a simple click switch to another group at any time. Account Groups can also include your Outside Accounts! Even change the group you see by default each time you log into Online Banking.

Quick Start Guide

We’ve prepared a guide to show you more of the exciting new features coming your way Sunday, October 24, 2021!

Click here to download the PDF