Treasury Management

We think a bank should do everything it can to help you run your business more efficiently and take advantage of opportunity. Consider us your champion, dedicated to partnering with you and committed to helping you prosper.

Cash Management

Securely make and collect payments online between a person or company for your business.

Sweep Services

Improve your day-to-day commercial treasury management by “sweeping” excess funds to a line of credit or an overnight investment.

Positive Pay

Compare your business check issues and/or ACH items electronically with Positive Pay services.

Remote Deposit Capture

Make your business check deposits from your office and skip a trip to the bank with Remote Deposit Capture.

Tax Remittance

Concentrate on productivity and not paperwork by paying federal and state taxes online with Tax Remittance.

Visit a local North Carolina branch throughout Alexander, Catawba, Iredell, Lincoln, Mecklenburg and Wake counties or call us at 828-466-1765 or toll-free 877-802-1212. We look forward to working with you.