Building Stronger Communities

Going the extra mile for our communities is our passion.

Here at Peoples Bank, we’re passionate about helping people. We strive to be exceptional and inspire others to be exceptional too. It’s a promise we make to our neighbors, families, local businesses and community. 

When you’re passionate about people like we are, you start to see the extraordinary in everyone. You see opportunities in challenges. You go the extra mile to help another. You believe you can make a difference–and then you do.
Jennifer Turner

Fostering Children

Jennifer Turner brightens the future of foster families and helps children in our community thrive.

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Ryan Waddle teaching

Teaching Financial Literacy

Ryan Waddle empowers Lake Norman High School students with essential money management skills.

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Marjorie Sack York

Aiding Refugees

Marjorie Sack-York extends warmth and compassion to families across the globe.

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Angela Fleming, Angela Johnson, Kevin Brady at Foothills Community Housing Fair

Spotlight on Housing

Angela Fleming, Angela Johnson and Kevin Brady share homebuying tips at Foothills Community Housing Fair.

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