Remote Deposit Capture Demo

Remote Deposit Capture is an innovative service that eliminates the geographic barriers of traditional paper check clearing. It allows a business to scan checks and money orders and electronically transmit the scanned images to a bank for posting and clearing without any need for physical transportation.


With RDC, you will make fewer trips to the bank and have access to your deposited funds faster. All you need to get started is a PC, an internet connection and a check scanner.

But remember, not all RDC solutions are equal. Ours is a step above the rest and offers advanced features and functionality you won't find with just any RDC solution, including comprehensive web-based training to get you up and running quickly and optional integration to QuickBooks for automated account balancing. And we're hardly scratching the surface - there's so much more. All of these value-added features are bundled together to form one robust, sophisticated yet simple to use solution meant to save you both time and money, while bringing the focus back to what's really and your business.

What Makes RDC Different

With Remote Deposit Capture, also known as RDC, your funds can be available several days earlier than they would if you were making trips to the bank. When your business receives checks from your customers, you scan the checks from your PC and electronically transmit your deposit to the bank through a secure Internet transfer. After validation, the check images are then sent electronically to the clearing agency where they are in turn sent electronically to the paying bank. In no time at all, the deposit is made available in your account.

Advanced Feature: QuickBooks Integration

If you're a QuickBooks user, you can pass the information captured in the software directly to your QuickBooks application for seamless updating to your accounts receivable software in one quick and easy step.

While capturing your deposit, you enter the name and invoice number associated with the payment. Once the transaction has been transmitted you can then export a QB file to upload to your online or desktop QuickBooks application.

Advanced Feature: System Validation

Before you use the software, there is a Systems Requirement Test link that can be utilized to assure that your system meets the minimum requirements needed to run the application.

The test checks various settings on your system and will alert you if there is anything that will prevent you from running the software at optimal performance. If everything meets the necessary requirements, you will receive a pass result.

Advanced Feature: Web-Based Training

Web-Based training is a unique feature that offers you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the software on your own schedule – when it is convenient for you. There are three types of information available within the training feature, PDF documents, Demos and Simulations.

The PDF documents are downloadable step by step instructions to walk you through a particular process. The instructions that can be viewed or printed out for future reference. The application also contains other types of related informational documents when necessary.

The Demos show you an automated demonstration of each of the different modules within the software.

The Simulations gives you the opportunity to try the process and requires user interaction. The simulation will guide you through the process, instructing you to click on certain buttons and enter specific information along the way.

The three options give, you, the user, the ability to train yourself and your staff, on your own time.

Advanced Feature: A/R Export File

The export option allows you to download a file that makes it simple to update your accounts receivable system with information captured through remote deposit such as account and check fields, system data or audit information, eliminating the need to perform the A/R updates manually.

System Requirements

Remote Deposit Capture minimum system requirements:

Operating Systems:
  • Microsoft Windows 10 All Versions–64 bit
  • Microsoft Windows 7–64 bit
  • MacOS X El Capitan v10.11.6 or higher

Browser versions supported:
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge

Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher, up to version 11
WinZip–version 9.0 or above
.Net Framework 4.6.2 (Minimum Required) for Windows users
Mono version 4.6.2 is supported and required for Mac users


Remote Deposit Capture or RDC allows businesses to capture checks at their business location. They can then transmit data and the check images electronically to their financial institution for posting and clearing without the need for physical transportation. All that is needed is a PC, Internet connection and a scanning device.
There are a wide variety of scanners authorized for use with RDC. Your Treasury Sales Representative will provide you with the information regarding scanning devices during the sales process.
With RDC you can process and deposit checks electronically, while accelerating funds availability, improving fraud detection and enhancing labor efficiencies. Reduced trips to the bank, streamlined operations, expedited funds availability, minimized risk of fraud and simplified bookkeeping after just a few of the many benefits you realize.
By eliminating the physical transportation of checks, your customers' checks clear faster and fraudulent checks may be identified sooner. The ability to make deposits at any time enables faster collection and improves cash flow.
RDC has sophisticated duplicate detection technology that alerts you if you send the same check through twice and prompts you to make a decision about the item in question.
The RDC Vendor will contact you to schedule the training and service installation via WebEx session which will take approximately an hour. Training should take place on the computer that the scanner will be set up for the deposits to be captured on. Our training and support staff is just a phone call away for any assistance needed. You’ll feel confident and comfortable using RDC right from the start.
RDC offers a variety of reports in csv or pdf format that can be used for your accounts receivables program, providing efficient reconciling with fewer errors.
RDC features multiple security levels and controls, making the process actually safer than physically transporting the checks to the bank.
Checks must be deposited by 6:00 p.m. local time to receive same day credit. Checks deposited on weekends and holidays will receive credit on the next business day. 
We have a number of resources available, including Relationship Managers, Service Specialists as well as a centralized service team to assist you with depositing your check using RDC.