Paying for College

As the cost of higher education continues to rise, it can be difficult to know where to start when planning for college expenses. We’ve prepared some educational resources to help you learn about your options.

How will you pay for college?

College is an investment in the future, and increasing costs can mean finding creative ways to pay. With our interactive lessons on Paying for College you’ll learn how to estimate out-of-pocket costs, uncover some of the hidden expenses of college and understand your options for savings.
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Ways to Save

Starting to save for college for yourself or your child? There are many different savings vehicles you could choose from, including 529 plans.*

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Understanding Your Student Loans

Responsibly managing your student loans means knowing the details of your loan, including whether it is federal or private, your estimated monthly payment, repayment options and where to seek support, if needed.*

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*This information is being provided for educational purposes. Peoples Bank does not offer 529 plans or student loans.

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