Thank You for Being Exceptional | Peoples Bank

Thank You for Being Exceptional

Thank you. For serving in our hospitals and labs. For continuing to protect us and respond to emergencies. For growing our food, keeping our utilities on, maintaining our water, bringing our mail, collecting our trash, driving the trucks and working the double shifts. Thank you for restocking our groceries, packing our take-out orders, overseeing our community, and delivering essentials when we cannot go out and get them for ourselves. Thank you for repairing what’s broken, manufacturing what’s missing, seeing what’s needed, and providing those critical services we don’t even know to thank you for.

While some call you “essential,” we call you exceptional.

We’re here for you.

While we can’t stock your cabinets or respond to emergencies, we are still committed to serving you and our community. We are open and prepared to provide you access to funds. As a well-capitalized community bank your money is safe, secure, and backed by FDIC insurance.
We’re here for you, ready to face tomorrow, together.