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Frequently Asked Questions

Cash Management: 2013 Enhancements

How do I give multiple users in my company access to BillPay without providing access to all other account features?

The BillPay system can only be tied to one online banking Access ID. In your previous online business banking profile you may have assigned the BillPay function to one of your users; therefore, that user’s Access ID is the one that is tied to the BillPay function.

In order to ensure that the officers and owners of each company have access to monitor BillPay we are:

  • Creating a separate (or auxiliary) Access ID with a “bp” prefix (in lower case letters which is an abbreviation of “billpay”) that will be appended to the current Access ID presently tied to the BillPay function.
  • For your initial login all BillPay Access IDs will use the Access ID with the numbers 6789 on the end for your temporary passcode as shown in the example below.
  • This new Access ID will be required in order to use the BillPay function. For example, the current BillPay user's Access ID will change as shown below:
    • Current Access ID = cojanedoe
    • New BillPay Access ID = bpcojanedoe
    • Temporary Passcode (for initial BillPay login) = bpcojanedoe6789

At the initial login it will prompt you to enter information and create a permanent passcode for the BillPay Access ID. At the owners discretion, this information can be given to employees that need access to BillPay.

Vendor information and history currently tied to the original user’s Access ID will be available in the system.

This enables company owners to share one Access ID and passcode with BillPay ability without providing access to all other account features. This also provides company owners with the ability to monitor the BillPay system.

Why am I seeing a lot more functions under the Cash Management tab?

The cash management tab will show all the functions available to Peoples Bank customers. However, the functions not being used by your company will be grayed out and not available.

Will my recipients be available?

You will no longer need to create recipients and tie them to a payment type. Your existing recipients will be included in your ACH Batches/templates. You will now be able to add, delete and modify your recipients within the batch which saves time and is more efficient.

Will my ACH and Wire templates be available?

Your existing ACH batches and Wire templates will be available. You will need to review your ACH Batches and Wire templates for accuracy.

  • When an ACH batch is created you will indicate the frequency for the batch.
  • When a batch is processed then the next batch will automatically be available under “Pending ACH Batches” depending on the frequency that you set.
  • You will be able to make any necessary modifications by going to “Pending ACH Batches” and locating the batch.

What do all the items under Frequency mean when creating a new ACH Batch?

  • Recurring Variable = a recurring file with different amounts such as hourly payroll files
  • Recurring Fixed = a recurring file with the same amounts such as salaried payroll files, rent collection, etc.
  • Occasional Payment = payments or collections that only happen occasionally

Will the ACH and Wire cut off times change?

The cut off times will not change, 3:00pm for Wire Transfers and 4:00pm for ACH files.

What ACH SEC codes will be available?

We will continue to offer PPD and CCD SEC codes for your ACH files. There will be two ACH template types available, Consumer (PPD) and Commercial (CCD) to make it easier to ensure that the correct SEC Code is used. We will also begin offering the CTX SEC Code for customers whose software has the ability to create this format which includes addenda information.

My company uploads a NACHA formatted file. Will this process change?

This process will be very similar to the existing process. You will access NACHA File Upload under the Cash Management tab and browse to pull in your file just as you do now.

My company uploads a csv or excel file. Will this process change?

The new enhancements will allow you to upload an excel spreadsheet into a template in the system. After the template is uploaded one time, the ACH file will be available for you to edit and modify as needed under the Pending ACH file tab and will not require future uploads.

The excel spreadsheet will need to be in a specific format in order for the upload to take place. You can access the format information under the help feature in online cash management.

Will the Admin functions remain the same?

  • Each profile will have a Focus Customer that will be equivalent to the current Administrator.
  • Focus Customers will be able to set up and assign rights to other Sub-Users Administrators or Sub Users.
  • Sub-User Administrators will be able to set up and assign rights to other users up to their level of authority.
  • The addition of new users will require dual authorization, either at the company level or by the company and Peoples Bank. This means that changes made for your company will require either approval by a Focus Customer and one of two required Sub-User Administrators or by two Sub-User Administrators or by a Focus Customer or Sub-User Administrator and the Bank.

Will all the existing users be available?

Your existing users will be set up and available. It is very important that you review each user and their access levels for accuracy.

Will the bill pay program change?

No, the bill pay program will remain the same.

Will my bill pay vendors be available?

Yes, your existing bill pay vendors will be available.

Will the tax remittance feature change?

There are new features in the tax remittance program such as the ability to have up to two years of account history and payment confirmations. Existing customers using the tax payment feature have been pre-registered. Cash Management customers not currently using the tax payment feature can register within the online cash management program.

Will the Positive Pay feature change?

The Positive Pay feature will remain the same.

Will I be able to export data from online banking to my accounting software?

Yes, you will be able to export data from online banking to Quick Books/Quicken, Microsoft Money, and as a fixed length, comma separated or tab separated file.

VERY IMPORTANT: You will need to deactivate the current set up for exporting to QuickBooks and Quicken and reactivate for the new system. You should also ensure that your Quick Books and Quicken software has been updated with the latest releases and create a back up prior to exporting the first time. You may encounter some duplicate transactions that you will need to delete.

Quicken - Windows (24KB PDF)
QuickBooks - Windows (28KB PDF)

How will Subsidiary companies work with the new enhancements?

Now you will be able to set up separate ACH batches/templates for each subsidiary’s transactions. This will ensure that your files are executed with the correct company name and tax ID number.

It will be very important for you to ensure that the correct name, account number and tax ID are used when you create batches. After that the information will be available for future files.

What are some of the new enhancements that will benefit me?

  • Security alerts when a new user has been set up or when a transfer has been processed.
  • Messages when online cash management privileges have been changed
  • The ability to reverse incorrect credit or debit batches.
  • A routing and transit number look up feature within the system
  • The ability to search by name to find an item in a batch
  • The ability to export batches to excel spreadsheets so you can maintain records of the activity
  • The ability to restrict access by computer IP addresses

Are there other new enhancements coming in the future?

  • Single sign on for Remote Deposit Capture customers
  • Security Tokens will be implemented soon to add another layer of security for ACH and Wire transfer functions
  • Small Business and Mobile RDC will be coming soon for qualified businesses.

Cash Management: User RightsTOP

I want to grant Fred rights to manage rights for other users, but there are accounts that I don't want him to access.

Granting access to Manage Rights also gives the person rights to manage their OWN rights. If you restricted Fred's access to accounts, he would be able to log on and grant himself rights to those accounts. Carefully consider to whom you wish to grant Manage Rights.

Can I remove or hide some accounts on this page?

Yes, if you are a business customer and have access to manage user rights via the Preferences>User Rights menu, you can uncheck the “View” checkbox for the accounts you wish to hide. Note that you need to Sign Off and log back in before the change will take effect. If you do not have access to User Rights, you can contact us at 828-466-1765 or 1-877-802-1212 to remove or hide accounts for your user ID.

Cash Management: RecipientsTOP

Do I have to enter a recipient to use the system?

No, if you are sending a payment to someone that you will likely never pay again, you can enter the payment information directly into the appropriate commercial payment menu, such as a wire transfer. Or, if you have a NACHA compliant payroll file, you can upload the file into our system.

What is a payment template?

A payment template is a group of payment-related information that can be stored and reused on successive payments, either as a single payment or as one payment in a batch. Please note you can not upload a payment template at this time.

What if I want the recipient to be sent an e-mail notification on some payments, but not others?

You can save an e-mail address for the recipient and then check or uncheck the notification on individual payments or on batch payments at the time the payment is made.

Can I send an email notification to more than one e-mail address?

No. Only one notification address is supported.

What information is included on an e-mail notification and when is it sent?

Notifications include your company name and process date of the payment (NOT the effective date). The notification is sent when the batch is processed by the financial institution (typically 1 to 2 business days prior to the effective date). Example: “A payroll from Acme Pistons, Inc was sent to your financial institution for 11/17/2009. As this is an automated notification, please do not reply to this email.”

Why are there two “Name” fields on the recipient record?

The “Name” field is the value that will be sent on the payment. The “Display Name” is how the name will display on templates and batches. When adding recipients, use a consistent format when entering the “Display Name”. Recipient lists are sorted by the Display Name by default. You may wish to enter them as “Last name, First Name MI” for consumer recipients, and “Business Name” for businesses.

Cash Management: ACH PaymentsTOP

I see payment types listed that I don't recognize. What are they?

These are payment types that have not been enabled for your business. Please contact your financial institution representative for information on how to use them.

I added a payment, but I don't see it on any template lists. Where did it go?

You may have chosen a payment type that has not been enabled for your business. You cannot change a payment type once the payment has been saved. Delete the payment and re-add it using the appropriate payment type.

If I enter an amount on the payment, will I have to come to this screen each time the amount changes?

No. This is a default amount only, and can be changed when initiating a batch. We recommend that if the amount is likely to change, you enter zero in the amount field so you don't accidently send the wrong amount.

Do I need to set up a batch before adding a payment?

No. A batch is created when you create the first recipient that uses the new batch. Select “New Batch” when entering a new payment to create the batch. After the payment is saved, the new batch will be listed in the “Existing Batch” drop down list.

When will my account be debited to fund this payment?

Your account will be debited on the effective date of the payment (the ‘Process On’ date) to meet your scheduled effective payment date. ACH payments are generally 2-day effective which means that they are processed 2 days prior to the scheduled effective payment date.

What if I pick a payment date that is a processing holiday?

Our system will not let you create a payment that is scheduled to process on a holiday. You will receive an error message and be instructed to enter a new effective date for the payment.

If I create a recurring transaction and one or more of the recurring payments are on a processing holiday, what happens?

If the recurring instances of the transaction happen to fall on a processing holiday, the system will move that individual instance of the credit back one day and on a debit forward one day, to a non-processing holiday. Additionally, the user will receive a secure message indicating that an instance of the recurring payment was moved to another processing day.

What if I don’t like the day to which the recurring transaction was moved?

You can cancel the rescheduled instance of the transaction via Accounts>Online Activity and create a new transaction to replace that particular instance of the recurring transaction. All future instances of the recurring transaction will remain scheduled based on the initial transaction schedule.

Cash Management: Single ReceiptTOP

When will my account be credited?

Your account will be credited on the scheduled effective date. ACH receipts are 1-day effective, which means that they are processed 1 day prior to the scheduled effective date.

Cash Management: ACH BatchesTOP

I’m getting the error message “Batch contains an invalid tax id”.

Please contact us at 828-466-1765 or 1-877-802-1212.

I’m trying to import a file, and I’m getting an error. Help!

The online service requires that all ACH files adhere to NACHA standards. If your file is not in NACHA format, you will receive an error message. If you have never imported a file before we will need to test to make sure everything is set up correctly.

Can I import a file with information for more than one company?

No. At this time, online can import files with only one batch/company. In NACHA terms, this means there can be only one “5” and “8” record present.

Can I import a file with more than one settlement account?

No. At this time, a file containing more than one settlement account will be rejected.

I know that the person importing a file must be granted access to the settlement account or the file import will fail, but my company policy forbids my staff from seeing the account balances or being able to otherwise transfer out of this account. What are my options?

You can set the account rights for your staff to “Withdrawal” only (or “Deposit” if they are importing debit files). This will prevent them from seeing the account on the Account Overview and Account History screens, but still permit them to initiate ACH transactions against it. This applies to ACH batches as well as imported files.

I selected a From Account and Effective Date on the screen when I imported my file, but that’s not what I saw on the confirmation screen. What happened?

Imported files are passed through the system as-is. Peoples Bank get the settlement account (if present), effective date and all other payment information from the file during import. Selections on the batch screen are ignored during import.

When I try to enter an amount then move to the next amount, the cursor won't move, and the amount decreases by a dollar.

Although the batch screen looks like a spreadsheet, it is not. The up and down arrow keys are shortcuts to increase and decrease the amount by $1. To move to the next amount, use your mouse or the TAB key.

I just noticed that I misspelled a template name. How do I fix it?

Template names cannot be changed once entered. You will need to create a new template and move all the existing payments to the new template.

My template list is getting large and hard to manage. What are my options?

You can always create separate templates and move the payments to them.

I drafted a batch effective two days from now. At 4:00pm, I went into approve it, and the system wouldn't let me. What happened? Don’t I have one day ACH enabled?

Online locks in the processing date when batch is drafted. This date is determined by when the earliest date is that a batch COULD be processed, which is 2 business days prior to the effective date for credits. You must approve it prior to this date, even if one day ACH is enabled. Once the daily cut off time is reached, the system switches to the next business day.

Cash Management: ACH CollectionsTOP

When will my account be credited for these collections?

Your account will be credited on the scheduled effective payment date. ACH Collections are 1-day effective transactions, which mean that they will be processed 1 day prior to the scheduled effective payment date.

When will my recipients be debited?

Your recipient accounts will be debited on the effective date you selected for the payment.

Cash Management: Tax PaymentsTOP

Do I need to register with the government prior to sending an online tax payment?

Yes. Visit to sign up for Federal Tax Payments. Enrollment procedures for state tax payments vary by state: please consult your accountant. If you send a tax payment prior to registering, your tax payment will likely be rejected.

I entered a tax period end date of 11/16/2012 but it's showing as 11/30/2012 on the addenda record.

This is normal. The government uses on the month and year to apply your tax payment, so Online standardizes all dates to “30”.

I pay taxes for affiliates that are incorporated in several states. As a result, I need to use different payment information for some. What can I do?

Online defaults to the payment information appropriate to your business's home state. If you need to pay to a different region (federal taxes are split into North and South regions), you can replace the default information for a particular payment. It will revert back to the default the next time you do a tax payment.

Please consult for the proper payment region for your business(s).

Cash Management: Payroll TransactionsTOP

When will my account be debited to fund this payment?

Your account will be debited on the effective date of the payment (the ‘Process On’ date) to meet your scheduled effective payment date. ACH payroll payments are generally 2-day effective payments, which mean that they are processed 2 days prior to the scheduled effective payment date.

When will my employees be paid?

Your employee accounts will be credited on the effective date you selected for the payment.

What is a “Split” and how does it work?

A “split” allows you enter a net pay amount and split it between up to 3 accounts. The amount you specify in “Split A” and “Split B” are deducted from the total amount entered on the batch, and the amount left over is sent to the “Primary Account.” Example: Suzie wants $50 of each paycheck to go to her daughter’s account, and $30 to her son’s. If Suzie’s net pay is $400, $50 goes to the daughter, $30 to the son, and $320 to her Primary Account. NOTE: Cash Management will not allow you to initiate a payment that does not at least cover the combined total of Splits A and B. If the total of the splits is more than the net pay entered, you will need to adjust the split before submitting the batch for payment. In the above example, Suzie’s net pay must be at least $80.01 or the system will not allow it to be processed (there must always funds left over to make a payment of at least $0.01 to the Primary Account).

Does the system automatically deduct the split amounts from the total payroll amount for a recipient?

Yes, the system deducts the fixed split amounts saved in the payment from the default or entered total payroll amount.

How are split payroll payments processed?

A total payment with two splits will be processed as three separate ACH transactions to the same recipient, and will be reflected as such on the Transaction Preview page.

I loaded my payroll batch but the amounts I am paying this pay period have changed. Do I need to update every payment?

No, you can simply tab to through each ‘Total Amount’ and ‘Addenda’ field, recipient by recipient, to update the default payment values. In many cases, it may be easier to use a zero dollar default value for the saved payment for recipients whose payment amount changes every pay period.

How do I send a pre-note to a recipient account? What is the purpose of a pre-note?

You can send a pre-note to a newly-established recipient account by leaving the value of the payment set to zero, and checking the ‘Pay’ checkbox to send the zero dollar payment to the recipient. The purpose of a pre-note is to confirm the validity of a routing number and account at the receiving financial institution, without any movement of funds taking place.

I tried to upload a payroll file, but it failed. Why?

There are several reasons the file could not be validated and failed to upload. They include:

  • The file is not a NACHA-formatted file.
  • The user does not have the right to draft a payroll transaction.
  • The transaction is not within the user's assigned rights and limits.
  • The offset (debit) account is not one of the user's entitled online banking accounts.

I set up a recurring payroll (all of my staff are salaried) and went on vacation for 3 weeks. When I came back, the payment was not run, and I saw it sitting in “Draft” status. What happened?

Unlike Funds Transfers, ACH batches cannot be automatically approved. Setting up a recurring ACH will cause a new batch to be created, but it must be approved before it will be processed.

I’m trying to set up a set up a recurring payroll on the 30th of the month, it won't let me. The 30th is a Saturday.

You must select a valid business day for the first payment. Thereafter, if a payment falls on a non-business day, the payment will move moved to the previous business day (for credit files) or the next business day (for debits).

But I want my recurring debit file to be moved to the day PRIOR if it falls on a non-business day!

In order to err on the side of safety, we adhere to the Regulation E requirement that a customer cannot be debited earlier than they originally authorized.

Cash Management: Wire TransfersTOP

I don't see all of the fields that I can use on FedLine. How can I enter them?

Online supports the most common wire transfer format and fields. However, it cannot encompass all of them. If a required field is missing, you may want to contact the recipient and determine if a different field, such as the Message to the Beneficiary, can be used instead.

My business enforces dual control for wires. I know how to set this up if the amount goes over a specific amount, but what if I want to force dual approval for ALL wires?

Set the dollar value to $0.00 and all wires will require a second approval. This applies to all modules.

When will my account be debited to fund this payment?

Your account will be debited when we process the payment (the ‘Process On’ date) to meet your scheduled effective payment date. Wire transfer payments are effective same day if wire transfer is initiated by 3:00 pm (EST), which also means that they are processed on the effective payment date.

When will the beneficiary receive the payment?

As wire transfer payments are same day payments, your recipient should receive payment on the effective payment date. However, you may need to consider the receiving bank’s deadline.

When might I use a Beneficiary Financial Institution?

You may need to use an intermediary financial institution if your beneficiary's financial institution is not a direct Fed Wire participant and cannot receive a wire transfer via the Fed Wire system.