Cash Management ACH Enhancements

Updates to the ACH creation experience coming on March 27, 2023

ACH payments experience is being redesigned

The new interface for ACH payments creation simplifies access to be more user-friendly featuring the following updates:
  • Refined verbiage so you don’t have to be an expert in ACH terminology
  • Simplified selection of ACH payment that doesn’t require SEC codes
  • Reordered the workflow to be more recipient (payee) focused
  • Improved layout of pages to increase readability and scanning to help reduce input errors
Effective March 27, 2023 you will see a change in the Payments & Transfer tab in Cash Management. Instead of the long list fo ACH payment options, there will simply be links to view activity, create a new payment or import a NACHA file.



Quick Reference Guides

We have prepared two downloadable documents to assist with getting familiar with the new ACH interface. 
Before and after comparison guide for the new ACH screens (PDF download)
Quick start user guide (PDF download)

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