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Checking Accounts

Our business checking accounts are customized to accommodate the size and needs of your operation, never failing to deliver in quality, convenience and service. From the emerging entrepreneur to the seasoned business owner, you’ll find a solution that was carefully created with you in mind.

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Basic Business Checking

Get a quality and affordable checking solution that meets you exactly where you are.

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Small Business Checking

This checking solution is always at work, positioning you for greater success every day.

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Advanced Business Checking

We are passionate about celebrating the exceptional in our advanced businesses, so we offer up to 600 free transactions.

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Commercial Checking

Larger companies will benefit from the unlimited check writing included with this account.

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Rewards Checking for Sole Proprietors

This tiered interest-bearing checking solution is especially useful for the sole proprietor.

Nonprofit Commercial Checking

Your nonprofit does so much good for our community that we designed this checking account specifically for it.

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Public Funds Regular Checking

This solution is ideal for small public entities, local municipalities and public agencies with low monthly check transactions and deposits.


Available to lawyers and law firms to help fund legal services and manage client funds.